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Fill Small Spaces With Round Coffee Table

December 11, 2009

Finding the right piece of furniture to fill an empty space in a small room, and still be functional, a round coffee table may fit the bill. Especially if there is an ‘L’-shaped couch involved.

To provide a place for coffee cups, soda bottles or snacks, without the option of a round coffee table it may take two other shapes or the need to place the table at an angle so persons on both sections of the sofa can use it. Angling a rectangular table, however, can eat up space that may not be available.

A round coffee table may fit nicely into the junction of an ‘L’-shaped sofa, but it can also fit neatly near a wall and serve as an end table, depending on its size. Additionally, the height of any coffee table should be consistent with the height of which ever piece of furniture it will front, so as to fit into the design of the room.

Other Furniture Benefits From Coffee Table

Sofas are not always the best piece of furniture, however for a round coffee table and a love seat or a much shorter sofa may be a better option. Most rectangular tables will be too long for placement in front of a loveseat, whereas a loft seat may be the place for one. Again, it is dependant on its diameter.

A larger diameter round coffee table would probably be better suited in a larger room, where in a smaller room a smaller table would be in order. As in most coffee tables, many designs, colors and materials are used in round coffee tables and are designed to fit just about any décor.

Whether made of steel, plastic or wood a round coffee table may also be fitted with a drawer or shelf underneath it, to hold magazines, coasters to protect the surface or whatever else may be kept out of sight until needed and available for convenience.

Another non-traditional use for a round coffee table could be as a child’s play table as they are usually small enough to be able to sit on the floor, as many children usually do, and then use the table for game play or perhaps putting together puzzles. With is circular shape, there won’t be any “sides” to be taken by one person and it could help avoid those types of confrontations.


Coffee Table Set – The Place Where Women Relax Best

September 30, 2009

I read somewhere a very beautiful description of the coffee table set – it was called, a “conversation centre piece”. Truly, there is no other place where people are not more relaxed and happy to exchange some or other pleasantries than across the coffee table set. Small girls, start early with their coffee table set and the doll cups of coffee/ tea while parents (women) look on.

How Should A Coffee Table Set Look?

Many people ask, should the coffee table set look in a certain way, have a certain platform, be of a certain size or shape? Should it conform to rules? It’s not necessary for you to conform to any rules, unless it is for official and formal parties. However, people in general feel that having a cup of coffee is actually a more serious thing than having a cup of tea.

It looks like tea time is fun time, while the coffee time is business time. Though some think coffee tastes better and keeps you active for a longer time, people prefer tea for picnic and fun times. The trend and outlook towards coffee influence to a great extent the way the coffee table set looks too. The most popular ones are a little austere, nonetheless exceptionally beautiful.

The Most Popular Models

There are many styles of coffee table sets in the world. The best looking are without any doubt the French ones. Just as the British established tea and tea time all over their kingdom, so did the French promote the coffee and coffee furniture. This is what made coffee so popular all over the world. As a matter of fact the French cane sets, glass-topped tables and tiny Indian-style tables are the only ones measuring up to the international quality and standards.

The coffee table can be used for playing cards, gossiping and of course, drinking coffee and having pastries. Little girls the world over imitate this aspect while playing with their dolls. The best coffee table sets are those which are a bit taller than tea tables where you can sit comfortably on a bean-bag chair and play some game or discuss light gossip with close friends.

Of course, cane sets are the best and also the most costly. However, in many places now designer furniture is available in installments, so you should be able to buy whatever you like from wherever you like and enjoy a cozy coffee party at your home.