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Which Kind Of Coffee Maker Should You Use?

September 26, 2009

The type of coffee maker you use will probably be partly dependant on what type of coffee maker you are used to. Most coffee drinkers use an automatic drip coffee maker for their morning coffee, but there’s a good variety of coffee makers available and they all produce slightly different results.

Types Of Coffee Makers

The most popular type of coffee maker in the United States is the automatic drip coffee maker. They are extremely simple to use and can make a pot of coffee fairly quickly. Hot water is run through the ground coffee which has been placed in a filter in the cup of the coffee maker. The hot water drips through the grounds and makes its way to the pot where it usually produces a fairly clear, decent tasting pot of coffee and doesn’t allow any coffee grounds to foul up the brew. Drip coffee makers have a warming plate under the coffee pot, and you should limit the amount of time the pot sits on the warming plate since the longer the coffee pot sits there, the stronger the coffee will be.

Probably one of the oldest types of coffee makers is the percolator. This works by boiling the water, which then circulates through the coffee grounds repeatedly. Unless you are partial to this type of maker, most coffee experts don’t recommend it since boiling the water through the grounds can make the coffee bitter and you can also end up with coffee grounds in your cup.

A French press is probably the simplest method and it makes a great cup of coffee. The French press usually consists of a glass cylinder and a plunger that has a fine mesh screen on it. Ground coffee is placed in the plunger and then water that is almost at the boiling point is poured over the grounds into the cylinder. The coffee steeps for several minutes and then the plunger is pushed down to the bottom of the cylinder, which forces the coffee grounds to the bottom and out of the coffee. Using a French press has a tendency to give the coffee a better all around flavor.

Each individual will have their own preference when deciding on what type of coffee maker is best for them. There are pros and cons to every type of maker and you may want to try out a few methods before you settle on one particular type.